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Hosted e-mail is coming back. If you have questions, please let us know. It will be based on a one-time donation. The email is yours to keep for life.

  • Biologiost View Point

    I have written this for those whose guilt has been etched deeply by the official positions of various Christian denominations as well as for those whose pain has been exacerbated by the unkindness shown to them through the actions and reactions of church-goers. It is my hope and prayer that the seeming dilemma between homosexuality and Christianity be resolved and a higher spiritual understanding of sexuality be settled within their minds once and for all, both now and throughout the rest of their earthly days. Read More

  • Welcome

    RCYM has been on the internet since 1998 and started out as a place for youth to come as a safe place to have conversation and read about stories that I and others have gone through. RCYM addressees some of the issues that churches have spoken out about back in the day went head-to-head so to speak against the teachings that homosexuality is a sin and that God doesn't approve. More

Whats New


UPDATE MAY 2014: We have updated our site that will allow you to post articles on social media websites and also create PDF files of the articles so that you can save them for personal use or share with friends. Some of the new things that you will find:


When you view an article, it will show the scripture that is quoted in the book.

The church Directory also is working. Please email us with the contact information and we will post it. It will post by State and people can do searches by that as well.


New articles coming:

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Homosexuality: The New Testament Coming Soon
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